In today's connected world, an important part of running a business is having a strong online presence. In particular, it is important to have a professional company website and email address. G Suite can provide these services and more! For a low per-user price (free for educational institutions and non-profit organizations), you can get customized versions of most Google products (Sites, Docs/Drive, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, etc.). Click here for G Suite pricing. G Suite comes with a 30 day free trial. 

Even if you are already using a different provider for your company's website, you can still utilize G Suite for email and take advantage of other powerful applications like Google Drive, Calendar, and more! 

Did you know that you can use the domain you already use for your company's website to send and receive email? An example of how you can utilize G Suite for your business would be to replace an email address of [email protected] with [email protected] to replace [email protected] with [email protected]. The new email addresses are shorter, which makes them easier for customers to remember, and they give your company a clean and polished look. Using the new email addresses also increases public confidence in your company by assuring customers they are contacting an official account. 

G Suite also has groups and aliases. Groups allow customers to email one address and contact multiple people. For example, Bob and Sam are on the sales team. A customer could email [email protected] and then the system forwards the message to all of the members in that group, so [email protected] and [email protected] both receive the message in their personal inboxes rather than having to check a completely separate account. Aliases are useful when a person has multiple roles or a nickname. For example, Bob Smith might have a primary address of [email protected] and an alias to [email protected]. Aliases work similarly to groups by delivering messages to the user's personal inbox rather than a separate account. Groups and aliases do not count as users, so you will not be billed for them. 

Multiple domains are also supported by G Suite. A scenario in which this would be useful is when a company has an official domain ( and a secondary domain ( G Suite can be set up to accept mail from both domains and direct mail to the appropriate user's inbox. In this case, each user would have a primary email address of [email protected] and an alias of [email protected]. Messages to both domains will be delivered to the same inbox and not a separate account. Domains may be set up so that all users or only selected users can receive mail using the domain. 

Another scenario in which multiple domains are used would be if a company has a primary domain ( and a second domain for a different product or company ( Bob Smith could receive mail at [email protected] and also at [email protected]. Messages would be delivered to the same inbox and Bob can select which address to use for outgoing mail before sending a message. 

If you are interested in G Suite, please contact us for more information or a demo. If you decide to start using G Suite, we can set up the service for your domain or provide phone support while you set it up yourself. Please contact us for more information and to set up an appointment.